Keto Weight Loss: 5 Simple Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week on Keto

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5 best Keto weight loss tips on how to lose 10 pounds in a week on Keto.

The Keto diet is a very effective way to lose weight fast and burn fat.

Even losing 10 pounds is possible on a keto diet.

But one thing you want to ensure when embarking on a new weight loss diet is safety. And only with safe weight loss, you can enjoy permanent success.

Is It Safe to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week?

The short answer is yes!

It’s completely safe to lose any amount of weight if you’re doing it the right way.

DR. Roussell, Ph.D. explains this in simple terms. He explains when it comes to safe weight loss, the difference between safe and unsafe is how you lose it, not how much.

While losing 1-2 lbs a week has been noted as a recommended pace, there is actually very little to support the claim.
Whether you lose 2 lbs or 5 lbs a week is not telling of the diet’s safety.

The way you go about losing it is far more indicative.

Let me illustrate.

If you drink nothing but lemon juice and a dash of cayenne pepper for a week, it would be an unsafe weight loss.

On the other hand, if you are eating a low-carb diet that’s whole food based and nutritious, it’s far safer and sound.

Keto diet meal plan

And that’s the principle of this one-week Keto weight loss plan.

In this article, I will focus on a healthy method to lose 10 pounds in a week following a Keto diet meal plan.

To do this, I created a 5-step Keto weight loss plan that allows up to 10 pounds or 4.5kg of weight loss in 1 week.

Whether you are starting a keto diet for the first time or have tried it with no success, follow this 5-step plan.

Before we get to the actual steps, let’s review the basics of the keto diet.

What is Keto?

The Keto diet is a low-carbohydrate, moderate protein and high-fat diet.

It’s a fat burning diet in a literal sense.

Keto diet takes an aim at producing ketones, a substance the body generates when it’s low in carbs.

When the body produces ketones, it enters a metabolic state called ketosis. In this state of ketosis, your body burns fat for fuel instead of glucose.

This is particularly great for fat and weight loss.
In ketosis, your entire body is pretty much run on fat 24/7. This is in comparison to many other diets where the body’s primary energy source is still glucose. In other words, you don’t get to necessarily burn off your fat.

This is where the keto diet truly stands out from the pack.

You can read more about it here “Keto Diet Made Simple.

Keto Weight Loss

So how does this relate to weight loss and how proven it is?

Keto diet is an effective weight loss diet that can tremendously improve your health. It’s, in fact, a well-researched diet and supported by more than 20 studies.

What’s more, on a keto diet, you can lose weight without counting calories.

By focusing on reaching ketosis and switching the body’s fuel supply from glucose to fat, you burn fat.

Better yet, the more fat you burn, the more weight you’ll lose.

Because fat loss takes the primary focus on keto weight loss, you also get to reduce your risk of many diseases.

Amongst many benefits, keto is proven effective for preventing diabetes and insulin resistance. It’s also often used as a part of seizure treatment.

Without a doubt, it’s a rare diet that’s capable of shifting body chemistry for better.

But in order to lose weight and reap the benefits, the diet must be implemented correctly. That’s the catch of this diet. It’s rigid and allows very little room for flexibility.

When not followed with precision, Keto diet not only shows no results but can also lead to weight gain.

With that in mind, here are 5 must-follow rules of keto to lose 10 pounds in a week.

5 Tips on to How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week On Keto

Not losing weight on keto

1. Calculate Your Keto Macros

Keto macros are the most important aspect of a Keto diet.

They include the three nutrients your body needs in large amounts – fat, protein, and carbs.

Get them wrong and your chances of reaching ketosis are close to NONE!

Getting your Keto macros ratio right is the key to achieving ketosis.

Just to remind, only when you reach ketosis, you’ll burn fat, lose weight on keto.

The easiest way to calculate your keto macros is with a keto calculator. You can use our Keto calculator to get macro ratios.

The Keto Calculator helps you find the exact amount of carbs, fat, and protein you need to reach ketosis.

This is the first step to reaching ketosis and losing weight on a keto diet.

2. Keto Fasting

Keto diet can be paired with intermittent fasting (IF) for a greater weight loss result.

While fasting may sound agonizing, intermittent fasting is far from it.

IF is simply an eating pattern that cycles between a period of eating and fasting.

It’s more of limiting your eating to 8 consecutive hours a day and not eating anything for the rest of 16 hours.

The easiest example would be to start your first meal at 10 am and finish your last meal by 6 pm that day.

So why fast?

The purpose of doing a short-term fast is to deplete the body’s primary energy source, glycogen.

Lack of food intake for a period of time allows your body to use up its glycogen stores faster. This further allows your body to go after the stored fat and use it to fuel the body.

This process is known as lipolysis. It’s about your body breaking fats to produce free fatty acids, which help create ketones.

The longer you fast, more of those fatty acids will be released and more ketone body you get to create.

How does intermittent fasting and Keto work?

To sum up, Keto diet and intermittent fasting make a great pair, especially for weight loss.

Both designed to boost ketones levels in the body and work together to burn fat like crazy.

Together they will help get to ketosis much faster.

With all that much of a benefit, it’s really no surprise there is now a fasting method called keto fasting.

If you want to lose up to 10 lbs in a week, take advantage of keto fasting and its effectiveness for weight and fat loss.

Keto weight loss

3. Watch Your Carb Intake Close

One of the main reasons many keto dieters fail to lose weight is they consume too many carbs.

If you are experiencing a weight loss plateau on keto, this can be one of the reasons why.

The keto diet is a strict low-carb, high-fat diet designed to reach ketosis.

To reach ketosis, one of the condition you must meet is carb depletion.

To accomplish this, you must drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake.

For many, this means only around 5% of the total daily calories coming from carbs. If this doesn’t sound like a big deal, think again.

5% carbs can quickly be met with one apple or 1 serving of oatmeal.

It’s normal to have a bit of difficulty cutting out carbs when first adjusting to the ketogenic diet.

If this is your area of challenge, consider tracking your macros with a food tracker. MyFitnessPal would be a great app for food tracking.

Also if you don’t know how many grams of carbs you are allowed to have on keto, be sure to find out using a keto calculator. Your total carb intake in grams depends on your calorie needs, so you need to find your own allowance.

Also, there are many healthy foods that are high in carbohydrates and need to be avoided on a keto diet. Best examples of these would be vegetables.

All vegetables bring nutritional values, but not all are low-carb. Arm yourself with a list of veggies almost free of carbs and stick to them to stay in ketosis.

Vegan Keto meal plan

4. Keep Track of Your Calories

If you caught me saying “you don’t have to track calories on keto” earlier in this post, you read it right.

And it’s true.

Keto is one diet that primarily focuses on burning fat by reaching ketosis. Calories take a back seat and in many discussions, they don’t even get brought up.

But there is also another truth.

Weight loss is directly related to the number of calories that goes in and out of your body.

When trying to lose weight, it’s critical to create a calorie deficit.

This is true even for a keto diet, especially when you are aiming to lose 10 lbs in a week.

You can help foster weight loss by creating a calorie deficit on keto.

On the other hand, if you switch to a keto diet and don’t watch your calorie intake, you’re unlikely to drop pounds.

With keto diet being full of fatty foods like avocados, nuts, and dairy, it helps to watch calories. Without your watchful eye, they can add up quite fast and lead to weight gain.

The best way to cut calories is skipping your keto snacks. If you are not particularly hungry, don’t snack. Also, this is where keto fasting can help.

By limiting the eating time, you can limit your overall daily calorie intake.

Keeping a food journal as well as downsizing your portion can help limit calories.

The bottom line is this. When following any diet, it’s important to create a calorie deficit to promote weight loss.

5. Exercise Daily to Burn More Calories

Incorporating exercise into your daily lifestyle is vital when trying to lose weight.

Again, to drop pounds, you need to burn more calories than you take in. Exercise is an excellent way to achieve this without needing to change your diet.

But burning calories is not the only good exercise brings to your weight loss.

You can also build lean muscles by working out.

They not only tone up your body, boost metabolism but also keep your weight off.

While all types of exercise are helpful, cardio and weight training aid weight loss the most.

  • For cardio, aim for 2 workout sessions per week.
  • For strength training, aim for another 2 times per week.

Include full-body workouts with compound exercises that work multiple muscles at a time.

Examples include:

  • Burpees
  • Squat to shoulder press
  • Lunges with a side raise
  • Plank to push-ups

Creating a workout schedule and sticking to it is the best way to build a healthy exercise habit.

Set a goal of three to four days a week and choose a time that’s most convenient for your schedule.

Remember, consistency is what promotes healthy weight loss and maintain your muscle mass. Create a schedule you can stick to and don’t over commit.

No gym access? No problem!

Try home workouts and bodyweight workouts you can do in your living room.

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